8 Best Amazon Seller Chrome Extensions

If you’re not onboard the Chrome extensions train, you’re in luck because there’s one seat left for you. In this post, RepricerExpress takes a look at ten of the best Amazon seller Chrome extensions.


These ones will help you with everything from price tracking and product history to Amazon keyword research and competitor analysis.

1. Keepa

One of the best-known names when it comes to Amazon seller toolsKeepa is a souped-up Chrome extension that will give you price history charts and drop alerts for hundreds of millions of products. While its database is constantly updated and refreshed, one drawback is that shipping costs aren’t tracked so you’re on the hook for that one.

Everything else, though, is five stars. The Chrome extension is free to use with in-app purchases, but you don’t have to register to use Keepa.

Check out our guide on how to use Keepa and CamelCamelCamel for your FBA business. Which leads us on nicely to Amazon seller Chrome extension number two…

2. The Camelizer

Maybe you used to know The Camelizer as CamelCamelCamel,  but a rose by any other name still smells as sweet. It’s pretty similar to Keepa in that you can keep an eye on price graphs on every product page, as well as set up custom alerts. One big difference is that The Camelizer has no in-app purchases.

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3. Amazon Assistant for Chrome

Tired of opening tabs when you’re trying to find if your product has a match on Amazon? That’s where the Amazon Assistant Chrome extension comes in so very handy. Keep browsing on retailers’ site like you usually do, but let this Chrome extension run alongside your work so you can get alerted to potential product matches on Amazon.

4. FBA Calculator

Okay, you’ve found some potential products that seem to fit your selling needs. One more step before formalizing the list into your inventory is to use a Chrome extension called FBA Calculator.

Once you have it installed, all you have to do is visit any product page on Amazon, click on the extension button, and fill in the fields for product price, product cost and ship to Amazon fee to get the profitability of that product.

5. Honey

When you’re looking to create a shortlist of products you’re about to purchase for your inventory, stop and add the Honey to your browser. The Honey Chrome extension checks out coupons and promotional codes you can apply so you don’t have to google for them manually.

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6. AMZBase

Free? Tons of internal features, like a proprietary search engine and the ability to check listing information on other retail sites? Yup, that sounds like AMZBase to us. But just in case you still want more, this Chrome extension delivers by also giving you FBA profit calculations and products’ historical prices.

7. Amazon FBA Keyword Tool

You’re smart enough to know Amazon uses its own proprietary search engine. But what about a Chrome extension that helps you find the perfect keywords for Amazon’s A9 search algorithm? To that end, Amazon FBA Keyword Tool is the extension you want to install so you can target keywords specifically for Amazon.

8. Helium 10

We’ve written before about how Helium 10 is one of the best Amazon sales estimator tools you can use in 2020, so we’re adding it to our list of best Chrome extensions because it’s just that good. Helium 10 lets you do pretty much everything, like the aforementioned sales estimation, but also keyword research, competitor analysis and all-around product research.


Best Amazon Sales Estimator for Sellers in 2020

Estimator Having a rough idea of what your sales should be is an essential part of selling on Amazon, starting from researching profitable product ideas and ending with adjusting your pricing rules post-sale.


Amazon Sales Estimator Tools


But if you aren’t a maths person or don’t know how to calculate all fees to come up with a final figure, RepricerExpress has your back with these Amazon sales estimator tools you can start using right now.

Jungle Scout

Amazon and Jungle Scout go together like peanut butter and jelly. Whenever you check out the best tools to use on Amazon for a variety of areas, Jungle Scout is usually on the list and for good reason, too.

One of the best parts is it’s free to use when on the website. All you have to do is plug in numbers for Best Sellers Rank Number, Amazon Marketplace and Amazon Product Category, hit enter, and get a rough idea of what your estimated sales might be.

AMZ Tracker

If you like the interface of Jungle Scout but want a beefier tool, then AMZ Tracker could be the one for you.

It’s a paid option, which means you get tons of features and specificities that can give you a more accurate idea of estimated sales than some of the free tools.

The basic tier starts at $50/month on the monthly plan ($41.70/month on the yearly plan) and gets you 50 products for sales tracking, and goes up to $400/month for the Legend plan ($333.33/month on the yearly plan) for 400 items.

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Unicorn Smasher

If you’ve checked out AMZ Tracker, you may have noticed a tab at the top of the page for Unicorn Smasher. Think of it as its budget-friendly (re: free) alternative where you can save money and still get a decent idea of what your estimated sales might be.

All you have to do is enter in your name and email to download it, then you can start using it right away as a Chrome extension and get the information you need right on your browser.

While it’s lighter on features than some other tools, Unicorn Smasher’s biggest benefit is efficiency. You can say goodbye to endless spreadsheets if all you want is quick guesstimates.

AMZ Scout

What’s neat about AMZ Scout is it’s a hybrid of paid-with-tons-of-options and free-with-the-essentials — and its sales estimator falls under the free umbrella of the many Amazon tools it offers.

Like Jungle Scout, you can get Amazon sales estimates right there on the browser. Just select a country and Amazon category from the dropdown menus, then enter in the sales rank and it’ll calculate how many sales per month you could be looking at.

Helium 10

We’ve written about Helium 10 before when it comes to various Amazon FBA tools you can use, but the Black Box tool on the app can really help you with estimating sales on Amazon. It’s got access to almost half a billion products on Amazon, giving you the depth and breadth you need to find the most profitable products.


ASINspector is an amazing tool to use if you value hard data (and plenty of it) without fancy, dressed-up interfaces. It’s not to say it looks like variations on spreadsheets, but that they really pack in a ton of information, options and analytics and don’t need to distract from any lack of that with lipstick.

This is exemplified with their Amazon sales estimator. Sure, you can enter in numbers and get the basic results, but why stop there when you can get a much bigger picture? Combine the sales estimator with their other tools so you can get a much more accurate idea.

Final Thoughts

Knowing what something could cost or earn you should underline every product decision you make on Amazon. With one of these Amazon sales estimators, you can sharpen your product research and make an educated choice instead of throwing things at the wall to see what sticks.